Soul Bright Artist Brian


Metal Artist

Brian is a metal artist. His hand hammered and fold-formed copper & brass art is where he expresses his soul.

His work with copper started in 2012 when Brian lost his brother-in-law, Tim, in a tragic plane crash. When Brian was helping clean out his late brother-in-law's shop, he saved a few scrap pieces of copper and transformed them into simple keepsakes for Tim’s family and friends to remember him by.


Brian continued to make art fueled by his grief over losing Tim, but more so he began making art out of love for others. Creating other memorial pieces for friends and family sparked smiles on their faces and fueled his desire further to create more works.

His makers mark is a Phoenix rising from the flames with droplets of water falling from above. The mark symbolizes the rebirth that comes from death and the water droplets represent tears from a Phoenix which are said to have the power to heal. The outline of the bird used to create the logo is from a tsuba, a Japanese sword guard, that is over 400 years old. Brian purposefully chooses materials for his art that will also stand the test of time. 

Brian truly  believes that ART HAS THE POWER TO HEAL. His hope is that these SoulBRIGHT pieces will, like the phoenix’s tears, help to heal the hearts of the loved ones who grieve the loss of their friends and family. 



Marlies is a talented welder who spent most of her life welding aircraft parts for United Air. She turned her talents towards metal arts, contributing to many large installations with the 'Flaming Lotus Girls'.

One of Marlies trademarks is creating incredible and unique custom metal art pieces with fire features.


Artist & Legacy Workshop Coordinator

Erica is a San Francisco native and has spent much of her working life as an artist in the area while supporting new families and babies, as a birth doula. This experience has shaped how she sees the world in many ways.

In 2018 she began her studies in ‘End of life’ work. This topic became more fascinating to her as she questioned, “What happens when we die? Do we have choices and plans to make?” And more importantly, “What legacy do I want to leave behind for my daughters, and how do I want to be remembered?” 

While birth has been the center of her life for over 20 years, she has felt a strong calling to serve those transitioning at the end of life and to make her art. She began to leverage her experience as a birth doula and holistic practitioner towards this new calling; legacy and memorial art, services, and support. Erica completed her end of life doula certification in 2019 from Doulagivers International.

Erica's medium is resin where she is able to encapsulate incredible treasures or momentos out of cremains, dried flowers, photographs, or personal trinkets (such as buttons from your loved ones shirt, old jewelry, or beads… really anything you can imagine.)

Erica is excited to walk along this path with you and help you to create a beautiful, meaningful jewelry art piece that will be treasured forever. 


Late-Life Transition Specialist and Certified End-of-Life Doula

Mary grew up in the SF Bay Area and has 30-year of experience working with seniors at all ages and life stages, primarily managing assisted living communities, adult day cares and senior centers and senior nutrition programs. In recent years, Mary has shifted her consulting work to late-life and end-of-life transitions. 

As a Late-Life Transition Specialist, Mary helps older adults and their families navigate challenges that often arise as elders move from being fully independent to needing more support. Whether mediating complex family dynamics, downsizing, re-organizing, enabling seniors to age in place or moving them to supportive communities, Mary excels at guiding both individuals and loved ones through major life altering changes and decision-making processes.

In 2019, Mary became a certified End-of-Life Doula, adding to almost a decade of EOL training through hospice, dementia programs and a 3 year advanced course in EOL and grief called “Coaching at End-of-Life”. Having already supported numerous families through their loved ones’ EOL journeys, Mary is eager to continue providing her unique services to those in need and as an educator to a broader audience. Her goal is to share her wisdom and bring much needed honesty to conversations around death and dying, which can dramatically ease the burden for families as they carry on after their losses.

In our current pandemic, Mary does most of her Late-Life Transition and EOL Doula work as a virtual support coach.  With appropriate precautions and social distancing, she can work in-person with clients in the S.F. peninsula and surrounding areas.